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"Unfresh Dirtwolf"

About the song:

The song is about how time and nature distort your vision of the future. By the time you arrive wherever you saw yourself going, the destination is often stale and underwhelming, unable to live up to its full potential for two reasons: one—it exists independent of whatever idea you built of it in your mind, and two—in the time it took for you to arrive, time passed and nature dictated some sort of change. I feel this way about life sometimes, a little underwhelmed or something. Anyway the title is a joke about how Victory Dirt Wolf is really good when it’s fresh, but after a few months on the shelf loses a lot of what makes it so special. Life, like most bottle shops, more often than not seems to offer the “unfresh” Dirtwolf at full price. The promise is there but the potential has been spoiled. It’s a dumb analogy but that was the initial idea. Really I just want Victory to send me some free beer.

About the recording:

I guess I want people to know I wasn’t trying to be anything or say anything other than what the song says and is musically as a stand-alone track. I had this idea for a song and followed through on it, that’s all there was to it. I tried my best to serve the song without reservation or stylistic hang ups; I think the end result is better for it.

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